Help! My pysanky are messed up!

And I don’t know why!  A week ago I went to make an egg and ended up having all these weird swirly marks when I put it in the dye.  I thought it was perhaps the fact that some of the wax splattered, and I tried scraping it off, but it happened to me again today before I even used wax!  Here’s the egg from the first time it happened:

The swirlyness first happened in the  yellow, and I thought maybe my yellow was bad, despite being brand new.  Yellow seems to be pesky like that.  But it happened with the other colors.

I made the blue egg after this, which came out fine.  There was no yellow on that which leads me to believe maybe it IS the yellow, but it’s so strange!  I’ve never seen this happen!

Today I was working on another egg.  Yellow was the first color so I didn’t even use wax before I put it in, but look at what happened!

Awkward white line...:-/

Smudgy, smudge, smudge...

So here are some of my theories:

  1. My yellow dye is bad, despite the fact that it’s brand new, and causes the other dyes to not take in those spots when I put them in afterward.  I say this because the other day when I didn’t use the yellow, it didn’t happen.
  2. I am somehow getting some random substance on my eggs (yeah, I know, that’s specific and descriptive)
  3. The eggs themselves having something on them.  This seems to be a stretch since they were from two different cartons.  But is there something they do in processing them that leaves a film on it?
  4. Something happened from erasing pencil marks with the vinegar solution.  I’ve done this my entire life and never had a problem, so I don’t know why it would be causing problems now.

Any thoughts on the matter?  Responses would be greatly appreciated!  Please and thank you!!!


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