Ghetto Recording Studio

When your Mac dies, you no longer have Garageband, you have a PC, and don’t want to spend $300 on recording gear, what do you do?

Yes, this is a reel-to-reel that my dad bought in Japan 40 years ago.  Don’t ask me how it works (I don’t understand all the technical mumble-jumble) but my dad somehow used this to hook up a mic and a my midi keyboard (but not as midi?) to my computer.  The nice this is that now that I’m not using my keyboard as midi, I can use the instrument sounds on the keyboard rather than software instruments, which is one thing that annoyed me about GarageBand.

I was so excited when we finally figured out a way to make this work.  I downloaded Audacity, which is free, but was sad to find out when I started recording that I can’t hear my tracks play back when I want to record multiple ones, which really makes no sense…

I’ve been looking into programs that are cheap, or preferably free.  Any suggestions?  I’d like something that allows me to record multiple tracks.  Bonuses if there are loops or beats.  And preferably under $30, if not free.  I know that’s asking a lot, but I’m poor!!!


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