Life has been crazy the past few months which is why I haven’t updated.  My sister had twins and I’ve been down south helping her out.  I’ll be moving down there in the next few weeks and starting my new job in July, so things will only get crazier.  Sadly, I haven’t made any eggs since the last post, but I’m going to try to make some in the coming weeks.  For now here are some pics of the herbs I planted back in March.  I found out that I didn’t inherit my mother’s black thumb.  Yay!

The bulbs you see in the photos are those infomercial watering bulbs.  My Godmother had a bunch of them and never used them so she gave them to me.  I wasn’t sure I’d use them, but when I was in NC and my parents came down for the last week I was there, my dad put them in so they wouldn’t dry up and they worked BEAUTIFULLY!

All my little pots, lined up in a row. : )

Happy basil!



Here’s a complete list of the herbs I planted:
Marjoram (never used this!)
Mint (didn’t grow so I’m trying again)

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