Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs)

Since I was 7 or 8 years old, every year during Lent I would make pysanky, or Ukrainian Easter eggs.  I could write a million things about pysanky, but I’ll save those for another day.  For this post, let it suffice to say that I haven’t made the eggs in years.  During college I was  never home during Lent, and pysanky aren’t something you can do over a single weekend.  It’s a long process with lots of equipment.  So now, after 5 years, I’m starting again.

It took a while to get started.  When I went to make my first egg I found out all my dyes were bad.  I had to order new dye powder, which took a while to ship.  But now I have everything ready to go, so here’s a little progression of everything I’ve done in the past couple of weeks…

Here’s my workspace!

Where the magic happens

This is the first egg I made.  As I mentioned, my dyes were bad and none of the colors were taking.  The last color I tried was dark green (which you usually don’t do, but since it was already messed up I thought I’d try) and ended up with pukey lavender.  But the design is nice!

Before jumping in the dye

Awkward purple-brown color

These next two eggs I was able to make at my aunt’s house during the Super Bowl, before my dyes came.  I love this purple color!


This next egg I was a bit disappointed with.  Wax kept splattering where it wasn’t supposed to go and I scratched it off, so I got a weird swirly effect when it went in the dyes.  I plan on making this design again, but here it is anyway.

This final egg is my favourite so far.  I love the blue color.

Stay tuned for more eggs and some tutorials!


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  1. mcmisura replied:

    Good for you for getting back into it! I hadn’t done them for years and got back into it last year. Do you have an electric kistka? I highly recommend it. I get my supplies from

  2. flavouroftheweek replied:

    I’ve worked with my aunt’s electric kistka and totally plan on buying one for myself when I have the money. But thanks for the tip!

  3. Ed Romero replied:

    I been planning on taking a class for years. I believe that I can make the Easter Eggs with a good kit.Have Grandkids now and want to spend time making Easter Eggs with them.It’s a good memory I can leave for them. Question; What makes the eggs shiny after the coloring?

    • livingismotion replied:

      I used a spray-on varnish. This is necessary if you’re going to blow the eggs out because the dyes are water soluble and will run from egg inside when it comes out. It’s also a good idea in general otherwise the colours will run if you get water on them.

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